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At Pilot Capital Management’s Private Client Group (PCG), we do more than simply have you fill out a risk tolerance questionnaire and invest your money in diversified portfolios. Robo-advisors can do that. That is not very high value added, and the robo-firms charge accordingly. Low fees, low value. Even many of the brand name firms provide little more than that for their fees. For many people, this is not the path to financial success.

Financial success requires self-knowledge, discipline, a long-term plan that includes not just the management of investment risk, but the mastery of household budgeting, debt and leverage management, insuring against insurable risks all while maintaining liquidity, use and control of your financial assets. By creating a balanced household financial structure, this can allow our clients to ride out hard times and capitalize on opportunities. We guide our clients to put time and resources towards what really matters and try and help them ignore the noise. This is how we stay on course.

At Pilot Capital Management, our financial advisors can help their clients chart their financial life by providing an objective viewpoint. We help them achieve self-knowledge by helping then gather and understand the objective facts of their situation, then we help them identify risks and opportunities of which they may not even be aware. We provide external discipline to planning and execution and bring many financial planning tools not available by surfing the internet.

Very importantly, Pilot Capital Management helps clients navigate through periods of greed and fear in the markets to stabilize the investment process and arrive at the chosen destination rather than blowing off course.

Few people possess objectivity about themselves, or possess all the skills, tools and disciplines needed in the financial planning and investment process. Even if people do have knowledge and skill, their lack of objectivity alone can blow them off course or even cause them to set the wrong destination! This is often why people need advisors!

For example, to determine the proper risk tolerance requires more that answering five to fifteen risk questions. Other subjective factors need to be considered. How much debt? What does their balance sheet look like? Too much money in IRA’s and 401(k)’s, and not enough liquid money? Do they work in a stable industry? Do they live within their means? These questions and many others must be asked and answered to determine the best plan of action. Good advisors will take their clients through these questions and offer observations and advise, and then help execute any needed changes.

Many clients want liquidity, use and control of their money before retirement, reliable income in retirement and perhaps they wish to leave an estate or legacy. Often these goals remain at the unconscious or unstated level, or they are not discussed with the marriage partner in a complete and objective way. Advisors can help people accomplish this.

At Pilot Capital Management, we can provide the objectivity, tools, insight and discipline to enable our clients to understand their real situation, state clearly what their goals are and then begin the work to accomplish their goals using the proper tools in proper proportion.

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Comprehensive financial plans, as well as modular financial planning services, including retirement planning, legacy planning, education funding, etc.



Fee based investment management. Portfolios in the Private Client Group program between $50-1500K are managed personally by Robert Hanten. Portfolios over $1500k are managed by City National Rochdale Investment Management.



Through Solidarity Financial, Inc., we offer fixed life insurance for individuals, as well as insurance, retirement, and risk management for businesses.



Pilot Capital Private Client Group

Main: (763) 591-0405

Fax: (952) 679-4053


Insurance products offered through Solidarity Financial, Inc., a Minnesota licensed insurance agency. Investment advisory services offered through Pilot Capital Management Corporation, a Registered Investment Advisor. Solidarity Financial is under common control of Pilot Capital Management Corporation. 
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