Pilot Capital Institutional

Pilot Capital Institutional specializes in the management of reserve funds of $1 million or more for:

  • union funds
  • churches
  • insurance companies
  • banks
  • corporations
  • hospitals
  • colleges
  • endowments
  • pension/profit sharing plans
  • foundations and other organizations

Our clients are free to have their securities held at the third party custodian of their choice in their own individual account. Pilot does not hold securities for clients, nor does it hold them in its own accounts on behalf of clients. Securities are never co-mingled with other clients and each account receives individual management. Pilot has extensive experience working efficiently and cooperatively with all major custodians.

Pilot reports security positions on a quarterly basis to its clients in addition to the reports they receive from their custodian. We are also pleased to update our clients on the status of their funds and our strategies at any time.