Pilot Capital Institutional

"Although buy-and-hold is a realistic option for investors who buy equities, it is an act of wanton imprudence for investors in debt securities.

Ultimately, of course, a debt security reverts to cash, and thereafter earns nothing for its owner. Well before the maturity date, however, its entire pattern of market behavior changes with the passage of time. This means that active management of fixed income securities is an inescapable responsibility."

Peter L. Bernstein

Editor, Journal of Portfolio Management

In today's turblent markets, many investors are seeking a safe harbor. When it comes to managing their reserve funds and the compromise between risk and reward, investors feel forced to settle for earning the minimum available rate. Settling for less to protect against risk often seems to be the only alternative. There is another alternative: Pilot Capital Management.

Pilot Capital minimizes the credit and market risk usually associated with higher returns by investing in short-term and intermediate fixed income instruments that maintain the full faith and credit backing of the U.S. Government. As investments approach maturity, the portfolio is adjusted to capture higher yields. Using a proven technique of yield curve management, security yields are actively monitored and portfolio holdings are re-positioned at strategic points along the yield curve to optimize return.